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Culture is the way of life of a particular group of people.

Usually, culture pertains the way a group of people eat, talk, dance, dress, greet, etc. These factors tells much about a group of people and where they come from. When you see someone dressed in “fugu” or “batakari”, it tells you that he/she comes from the North.

The Nchummurus/Krachis from the Northern part of Volta are also a unique group of people. They come from the ethnic group called Guans. They mostly live in the Krachi West district, Krachi-Nchummuru district and Krachi East District. These people have a unique way they perform their funeral rites.

Usually, they bury their corpse immediately they die and fix a date for the final funeral rites. Each clan has a month within the year when they perform the funeral rites of the dead ones. Also, they combine about 2-4 different funerals only when they are within the same clan.
Natives from outside home, abroad and within, come to support those at home to have the final funeral rites each year. This has become one of the avenues through which many, who have been home for long to come and meet family and friends. This also promotes solidarity and socialization among individuals.

This culture has existed from time immemorial, thus has brought some much development and growth. Through this, some family members have also seen relatives who have traveled for a very long time.

This makes them a unique people among other tribes around.

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