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Disturbed – Sound of silence in 8D Audio

Disturbed – Sound of silence in 8D Audio

The song ” Sound of Silence” was originally composed by an American Folk-rock singers Simon & Garfunkel within 2 years from 1964-1965.
The first vocals were recorded in 1964 and were later remade and recorded in 1965 and released in the same year.
The song currently has five versions, however, we try to give you the best of it all.

Wear headphones for better experience

Others might still love the original version though but Disturb’s version stands tall amongst them.
The sounds were recorded using special stereo microphones which gives the music its effect of being played from outside or on the streets.
The song as rich poetic contents and some of the profound lines have been given means to.

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The inspiration behind the writer was from the assassination of American president John F. Kennedy in 1963. The writer describes in his song the assassination of John F. Kennedy to be the incapacity of people to emotionally convey love or speech towards each other.
He further warns that people should pay heed to the words that have been written on the subway wall by past prophets are to remind them that at any point in time something may no longer exist.

original version performance by Simon & Garfunkel

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