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Jhoel Global Releases His Debut Single.

Jhoel Global Releases His Debut Single.

Jhoel Global, originally known as Joel Boadi-Okyere, a Ghanaian gospel singer, professional basist, and a member of the International Central Gospel Church, has released his first single; Spirit flow.

The song as suggests by name, is a worship melody, sang in the key of C.

“This song is not just a song but a prayer expressed through music”. He emphasized.

The  song per composition, is a four (4) beat time signature, with four chordal changes.

It starts on the 2nd degree of the major scale, with the chord covering a whole bar.


The chordal change leads to the 6th degree filling the next bar.

The 4th Degree of the major scale fills the next bar of the song; with root ending the verse.

It however, contains slight variation within its progression when it gets to the chorus.

The 2nd degree still begins the chorus, filling a whole bar, the 6th degree tend to fill the 2nd bar of the chorus.

The 5th degree then introduces the variation, setting the progression of the chorus from the verse.

The sustained 5th degree fills the two(2) consecutive bars, introducing an effect on its own.

There is little variation getting to the chorus thus from 2, 6, for the next chordal change you sustain on the 5th.

The product of the Nungua Senior High and University of Ghana, speaking to Ghvitals, on his inspiration behind what he does, said;

“I was only privileged to be exposed to good music at a young age, so my inspiration comes from what l used to hear as a child.”

Adding that, his main motive is to minister through music, to win souls for christ.
At the moment, the young talent is promoting his only single. “Spirit Flow”.

He is however, hopeful to bring more songs into the gospel music fraternity.

Kindly follow the link below and enjoy Spirit flow .


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