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Kwasi Pratt Jnr’s office ransacked by burglars

Kwasi Pratt Jnr’s office ransacked by burglars

The office of Mr.kwasi Pratt Jnr has been broken into by Burglars at Kokomlemle
Speaking on peace FM with media general Kwame Sefa Kayi. Kwasi Pratt narrated that he was then at another radio station having a program when pictures and videos of the incident were sent to him by one of his workers.
According to him, when he got back to his office, it was shocking how his office has been ransacked by these burglars.
His safe in his office which he had nothing valuable in at that time had been destroyed, his table drawers have been broken into and
his book shelve has been broken.
He said the burglars broke into his office with metal bars. He further hinted that he has no interest in lodging complaints to the Ghana police service because nothing really happens when a greater crime is committed in this country.
Mr. Kwasi Pratt revealed that his book shelve was always under lock and key because he had hard to find books in there
and he believes that the whole incident could be a planned thing by close sources because he doesn’t know what kind of thieves would break into an office and steal books.
when asked about items that were taken, he listed only three items being a laptop, mobile phone, and some books.

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