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My attention has been drawn to an unsubstantiated allegations leveled against my good self by the embattled and failed fifth time Member of parliament for Atwima Mponua Constituency, Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiama during his flopped thank you tour in the Atwima Mponua Constituency .
The embattled and failed fifth time mp during his 5-day thank you tour in the constituency was said to have stated that I campaigned, sponsored and paid some people in the constituency to vote against him while speaking at Bentinko at the chief’s palace on the 5th of December, 2021

This was made known to me by the polling station executives who attended the program.

I want to state that, I, John ofori Attah did not sponsor, campaign or pay people to vote against the embattled and failed member of parliament for Atwima mponua, Hon Isaac Kwame Asiama.
His allegations against me are borned out of his own figment of imagination and must be treated with the utmost contempt it deserves.
I want to set the records as follows :

  1. After my painful disqualification to contest the 2020 NPP parliamentary primaries, I was not disturbed but I actively campaigned and supported the party financially at the constituency level and at the national level.
  2. Prior to the general election, I personally donated a cash of twenty thousand Ghana cedis (GHS 20,000) and three thousand T’shirts and many other party paraphernalias towards the 2020 campaign at the constituency and which were rejected by the former chairman, (now DCE) Hon Kofi Marfo and the Member of Parliament, Hon Isaac Kwame Asiama.
  3. I want to state that when these items were rejected, I decided to share the T’ shirts to party members who attended President Akufo Addo’s last rally held at Nyinahin Anglican Park, of which our party executives can attest to it.
  4. I also shared the twenty thousand Ghana cedis donation which they rejected to some selected electoral areas in the constituency.
  5. I personally presented a cash donation and branded party tee shirts to the V20 coordinator, Mr Agyemang who is a closed confidant of the failed member of parliament, Hon Isaac kwame Asiama .
    Mr Agyemang is currently working as a security guard at the uncompleted Nyinahini Sports Complex and he can attest to my claim.
  6. I want to also put it on record that during the just ended constituency delegates conference, I made a cash donation to the constituency to support the polling station executives and to my surprise, Hon Isaac Kwame Asiama, the mp who did not contribute a pesewa towards the program , ordered the executives to reject my donation.
    The then District chief executive hon. William Darko then told me to put the rejected money in envelopes and give it to the polling station executives.
    When the embattled and failed fifth term member of parliament, Hon Isaac Kwame Asiama realized that the polling station executives were very happy with my small gesture, he instructed the police commander of Nyinahini District to prevent me from taking part in the remaining programs at Otaakrom and Ashiresu.
    But their demonic plan against me did not discourage me.
    I waited outside the conference hall and handed over my donation to the polling station executives after they have closed from the conference.
  7. The worst performing mp in the Ashanti Region in the just ended 2020 election, Hon. Isaac kwame Asiama’s poor performance was as a result of his incompetence and careless attitude towards the good people of Atwima mponua. His abysmal performance for the past seventeen years and his divisive posture towards party folks contributed to his technical defeat in the 2020 general election.
  8. Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiama should note that his abysmal performance at the Ministry of Youth and Sports and his poor performance in the constituency lead to his diminished votes and also a vote of no confidence by the president H/E Nana Akufo Addo hence his sack as the minister of youth and sport.
  9. The embattled mp, knowing very well, that should I contest him in any election in Atwima Mponua, I will defeat him any day, any time and for this reason, he has decided to incite the good people of Atwima mponua against me for me to look bad in their eyes.
    I shudder to understand why the embattled and failed mp will stoop so low to peddle falsehood against me.

10.While calling on the good people of Atwima Mponua to disregard all the allegations leveled against me, I will urge Hon Isaac Kwame Asiama to seize the opportunity to show case his achievements and tell the good people of Atwima mponua how many youth he has been abled to secure permanent job opportunities for during his seventeen year rule.

  1. I want to state that Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiama has mischievously peddled a concocted lies to satisfy his own devilish agenda against me just to deny my hard won reputation in Atwima mponua.
  2. All the allegations are frivolous, malicious, ill motivated and must be treated with the necessary contempt it deserves.
  3. I am therefore calling on all party members and the general public in the constituency to disregard the allegations leveled against me by the embattled and failed fifth time member of parliament Hon Isaac Kwame Asiama.
    Long live Npp
    Long live Atwima Mponua.

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