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Many speculations had gone viral on an issue concerning the Ministry of Health approving the need to adopt the drone method of delivery when it comes to medicines and blood to health centers across the nation. This issue has been one of the hottest discussions on quite a number of media stations and contributions have been made by some citizens.

In totality, the drone method of delivery isn’t a bad one if we can go by the terms and conditions surrounding its use in the country–Ghana.

According to a post by Matt McFarland@CNN on 24th August 2017. East Africa led in the use of drone delivery systems as Tanzania and Rwanda played an integral role in that effect. Tanzania, in the early part of 2018 was set to deliver vaccines and blood to remote areas in the country for easy access to health centers. Also, Rwanda was set to deliver about 1,400 similar deliveries.

If our own country will set to practice this, there would be a decrease in death and mortality cases in remote areas across the country. But the big question is this, “can there really be an effective and efficient use of these drones?”

The concerns raised are numerous as some say the agreement to its use isn’t favorable. However, the government should look deeply into the agreement and be certain if it wouldn’t affect the state kg the nation. Per the agreement for the importation of the drones, discounts will be given on early payment of the total cost while a penalty will be paid on late payment of the cost. This has become the most talked-about issue pertaining to the use of the drone delivery system in the country.

In conclusion, the system is helpful and swift when it comes to delivering vaccines and blood to health centers in remote areas as compared to the use of vehicles such as the ambulance. But the confusion still remains as to whether the government can fulfill payment on time in order not to attract any penalty thereof.



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