Athletic Bilbao’s dynamic duo, Inaki Williams and Nico Williams, recently delighted fans by sharing a heartwarming video of themselves indulging in a traditional Ghanaian meal ahead of the highly anticipated Copa del Rey final on Saturday.

In the Instagram video initially posted by Inaki, the pair can be seen savoring a delicious serving of fufu with soup, with a special focus on Nico’s experience.

Although they represent different national teams—Inaki for the Black Stars and Nico for Spain—their shared Ghanaian heritage remains a significant part of their identity. This cultural bond is evident in their ongoing commitment to projects in Ghana, including the construction of a school in Accra.

The viral video capturing their genuine enjoyment of fufu has garnered widespread attention on social media, sparking reactions from the Ghanaian community and beyond. It serves as a heartwarming reminder of the duo’s connection to their African roots and their ability to bridge cultural divides through the universal language of food and shared experiences.

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