“Easter Festivities: Ghana AIDS Commission Plans Condom Distribution in Kwahu Region. Embracing the spirit of Easter, the Ghana AIDS Commission announces its initiative to provide complimentary condoms in Kwahu. Join us in promoting safe practices and protecting public health during this joyous season.

Amidst the Easter celebrations in Kwahu, the Ghana AIDS Commission urges holidaymakers to prioritize their health by considering condom use during any intimate encounters.

This advisory forms part of a comprehensive initiative aimed at curbing HIV transmission, particularly in Kwahu, which has been identified as a significant area for the spread of the virus.

Dr. Steve Kyeremeh Atuahene, the Director-General of the Ghana AIDS Commission, underscores the importance of proactive measures, revealing plans for the distribution of complimentary condoms and offering free HIV testing services to interested individuals.

“The Kwahu Easter festival presents heightened risks for HIV transmission. Hence, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, we have consistently implemented HIV intervention programs during the festivities,” Dr. Atuahene explains.

He further elaborates on the Commission’s proactive approach, highlighting the setup of screening and condom distribution centers across the three districts within the Kwahu enclave. These centers not only offer HIV testing and counseling but also provide free condoms to encourage safer practices among attendees.

“We aim to ensure that individuals attending the Easter celebrations in Kwahu have access to essential services and support,” Dr. Atuahene emphasizes, underscoring the Commission’s commitment to safeguarding public health during festive occasions.

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